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About Gloria and Janice Hutchinson: Award-Winning Mother-Daughter Team

Top producers Gloria and Janice Hutchinson’s connection goes way back. Gloria Hutchinson began her career in real estate well over a quarter of a century ago when the business of doing real estate required the painstaking manual design and input of property data and the use of physical maps to go from place A to place B. The digital age of internet searches, social media marketing, document scanning and text messaging with clients was in the dream stage.

When Gloria first entered the real estate business, her five children, aged 7 years and under, frequently accompanied her on appointments. Her four boys, Rob, Anthony, Tom, Bill and baby sister Janice would often pile into Mom’s navy blue Pontiac Station Wagon as Gloria went out with clients. Gloria brought along snacks for both the kids and her clients. It was a picnic on the road, quite literally. Gloria’s warmth, negotiating know-how, and attention to detail soon earned her glowing customer testimonials and referrals.

Janice quietly and quickly picked up all her Mom’s charm and real estate wisdom and proudly announced to her First Grade class: “When I grow up, I’m going to be a realtor, just like my Mom.” For a Fourth Grade class project, Janice put together a beautiful hand-made Property Profile Sheet, complete with all of the information she saw Gloria include for her clients. Janice’s project was so good the teacher thought that Janice had help from Gloria, which lead a tearful Janice to say with pride that it was indeed her own handiwork. True to her word, after graduating college with a degree in Marketing, Janice joined Gloria in the real estate business.

Fast forward to the present and now Janice’s children, Kyleigh and Carter, observe their Mom and Grandmom helping buyers and sellers with a style of service that is both savvy and gracious in equal measure, earning the Hutchinson team accolades in the real estate field. Both Gloria and Janice know how to effectively market their clients’ listings using the best resources within social media, in addition to availing themselves of the best resources provided by the Century 21 brand. Their staging expertise and marketing strategies help sell homes quickly. Buyers benefit from receiving immediate personalized attention, astute negotiating skills, and working with a team that truly understands both the ins and outs of the real estate transaction, as well as the community in which they wish to live.

Among the many prestigious awards Gloria and Janice have won over the years, they especially appreciate being recognized as a Century 21 Diamond Club member and among the top 100 agents in sales in New Jersey and Delaware. Together, they have sold a staggering number of homes.

Having lived in the greater Princeton area all their lives, Gloria and Janice are inspired to give back to the community which has given them so much. They actively support many local non-profits including HomeFront, Womanspace, and the Cherry Tree Club, as well as provide scholarships for high school seniors heading to college.

Gloria and Janice Hutchinson are very proud of the trustworthy, customized service they offer buyers and sellers and of the many friendships that have resulted. They love what they do and it shows in all the personal touches that distinguishes their service in the industry. The Hutchinson team has had the pleasure of assisting some of the same clients again and again as their clients move through the life cycle, as well as helping the many referrals they receive from very satisfied customers.

Gloria and Janice Hutchinson, sensational real estate service with (two) smiles.

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